Tico, Tico No Fuba, Z. Abreu & Oliveira-Drake
“My favorites things” (from The Sound of music), J. Coltrane
“I get a kick out of you” (from Anything Goes), C. Porter
« Let’s call the whole thing off” (from Shall we dance), G. Gershwin
“ I loves you Porgy” , “Summertime” (from Porgy and Bess), G. Gershwin
“Someone to watch over me”, G. Gershwin
“Embraceable you”, G. Gershwin
“ Somebody loves me”, G. Gershwin
“ I got rhythym”, G. Gershwin
“A foggy day”, G. Gershwin
“But not for me”, G. Gershwin
“Chega De Saudade” & “Wave”, C. Jobim
“Invitation”, B. Kaper
“I can’t give anything but love”, J. MacHugh
“Feeling good”, A. Newley & L. Bricusse,
“The lady is a tramp” (from Place au rythme), R. Richard & L. Harts
“Hello Dolly” (from Hello Dolly), Steward & Hermann
“Bésame mucho”, Consuelo Velasquez
“Well all right, ok, you win », M. Watts & S. Wyche
“Bassin Street Blues”, S. Williams
“Billie’s Bounce Blues », Ch. Parker

 » La musique est là pour pallier le manque de mots »

 » La música existe cuando nos fallan las palabras »

 » Music is there for when words fail us »

 P. Rothfuss